What are Macros?

Macronutrient Management

Simply put, macros or macronutrients, are the building blocks of nutrtion. When people talk about counting macros, they mean they are counting the number of grams of fats, protein and carbs they are eating. These numbers can be adjusted to reach weight loss goals, physique goals, nutrition balance, weight gain, muscle gain and more. Counting macros is a powerful tool, but does require a degree of commitment and dedication. When starting to count macros some people follow a daily goal and use the myfitnesspal app to help track or they have a per meal and snack goal.

Macros allow people to enjoy a variety of foods including that piece of pizza or cheeseburger, but they keep you in check.

What is Reverse Dieting?

The metabolism booster!

Reverse dieting is your metabolism booster! It is the perfect tool to revamp your metabolism whether you want to improve it because you are getting older, you want to lose weight, you are coming off of a cut, you've been cutting calories and plateaued or you are wanting to add more calories and gain weight.


It is a gradual increase in calories over a period of weeks to months. The awesome thing about reverse dieting is that you can use it to help limit fat gain and boost metabolism at the same time.


Reverse dieting uses macro management to control the outcome clients are looking for. These two tools are the secret to the bodybuilding world. They can be used in everyday life to help people achieve the goals they want.


All diets are energy management or control your caloric intake; reverse dieting paired with macros takes you to a new level of caloric management, metabolism repair, and changed body composition.


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