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Jennifer Jacobs APRN & NPC Competitor

Welcome to our nutrition, weight loss and weight management section! I am excited to share and offer services that have been proven by many athletes and competitors throughout the nation. Over the years I have listened to many people talk about visiting doctors for weight loss solutions or spending hundred to thousands of dollars for a sustainable solution; that is why I decided to offer my services and share my knowledge about how to follow a program that is sustainable and will help you reach your goals!

I have competed as an NPC Bikini competitor and qualified nationally. Over the past year I have been training for a NPC fitness competition. Throughout my years of experience I have tried several diets (gluten free, keto, strict dieting, reverse dieting, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and more) and want to share with you what has been the most sustainable for me and others I have worked with.

To start, macros are the way to go! It allows flexibility, but has the power to change your body composition and allows sustainability, a sense of control, and less stress over "weight" in general. When macro management is combined with reverse dieting it is a powerful tool for people to reach their physique goals. What doctors and nurses learn in school does not compare to the knowledge athletes and competitors have. Often times people are left lost, stressed out, judged on their body, but the help that is offered is not enough to fuel a change. I can tell anyone to cut down on the fat they eat and watch their carbs and eat less, but without giving them a tool such as macros, the chances of their success is low.

Check out our drop down menu to learn more about what macros and reverse dieting consist of and how they work!

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