What to Expect During Botox & Filler Consultation

There are many people that consider Botox or Filler, but they remain apprehensive to scheduling an appointment. This is a quick guide on what to expect during your consultation.

First, your injector will collect your medical history, review it with you and ensure there are no contraindications to receiving the product you desire. You will also sign consents.

Next, your injector will ask about your concerns and what your overall goal is. He or She will inquire about what outcome you want to achieve and which areas of your face you have concerns over. Your provider may discuss alternative treatments that may be more appropriate.

Your provider will also discuss the risks and side effects of any "Botox" or filler product. Remember, there are 4 types of "Botox" products available (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport & Jeuveau). Jeuveau is the #newtox; it is the newest "Botox" product on the U.S. market and some providers do not carry it. There are many fillers on the U.S. market as well, but some of them are designated for specific areas like your lips, marionette lines, smile lines, nasolabial folds or cheeks. Of note, there is not a filler on the U.S. market that is FDA approved for "under eye filler", but there are providers that will offer it. Also, some filler products include lidocaine while others do not, so ask your provider about this.

Your provider may discuss the "Sprinkle" or "Baby Botox" with you; this is where smaller doses of Botox product are injected - this is great for newcomers to Botox products as it allows you to find the right dose for you; however, it does require patience.

Always remember that Botox products soften wrinkles and an injector can never guarantee your result because everyone metabolizes the product differently. Most injectors, recommend that you start low because you can always add more product, but you cannot take it away. Be sure to ask your provider about which products they carry and why - sometimes a provider may not stock a product you want, but they can get it.

Your provider will inform you about aftercare. Check out our before and after care instructions here. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and time to make a decision - most consultations are free, so we recommend you go home and weigh your pros and cons for at least 24 hours before booking your treatment.

Lastly, your provider should discuss cost. Fillers are purchased per syringe because they can only be used on one person and should be discarded after use. Be aware that some providers may be willing to store your used product in their fridge for 2 weeks in case you need touch-ups; however this puts you at risk for infection as the product is no longer sterile. Botox, Xeomin and Dysport are purchased per unit or per area treated. If you are newer to Botox products try to find a place that charges per unit because you may require lower doses and paying per area means you will be paying more per unit.

After receiving your treatment you should follow up in approximately 2 weeks. If there is something you are concerned about be sure to mention it to your provider.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Botox & Fillers and The Best Botox & Filler RN, NP, MD Injectors for more information.



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