10 Tips to avoid Holiday weight gain

With Thanksgiving a few days away, here are my top 10 tips to avoid holiday weight gain!!

As many of you know, I use to compete in the NPC, was certified in nutrition, and do diet management/macro management on the side. Here are some of the tips used by bodybuilding/NPC/Fitness competitors world wide!!

1. Drink Plenty of Water- Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!!

2. Drink a cup of coffee or tea before eating, this will decrease your appetite.

3. When eating at gatherings, choose a small plate or bowl instead of a dinner size plate.

4. Do not load your plate with a few select foods, but instead treat it as a sampler plate and keep it balance with fats, carbs and protein.

5. Half of your plate should be low starch veggies HINT: Look at the veggie tray!!! (ex, green beans, tomatoes, salad with low fat/low calorie dressing, cucumber)

6. Protein should consume 30 % of your plate and starchy carbs such as potatoes and rolls should consume the other 20%.

7. Limit sweets to one or two items only; your best bet is to eat half a slice of pie and half a cookie - you get the satisfying flavor without all the extra calories.

8. Let go of guilt! - expecting perfection is not realistic for the majority of us on the holidays, so instead of overdoing it and feeling guilty, focus on things you can control like portion size.

9. Limit the alcohol to 1-2 drinks. Try one with dinner and one later on during chat time. Drink water in between to stay hydrated.

10. Enjoy yourself, get a good cardio session in on the following morning and do not weigh yourself for a minimum of 2 days after holiday indulgence.

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